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Why truck safety films? Every year, thousands of accidents take place on the road with trucks. Hence, imparting safety training to the truck drivers is the need of the hour. And just a few lectures on road safety won’t do. They require a heavy dose of road safety rules so that they are more cautious on the road.

Films Have More Impact

Truck safety films are the best way to educate truck drivers on road rules. Several truck safety films have been released under the truck safety awareness program. These films show how reckless driving can be dangerous. And, as it is said that visualization has more impact on the brain, such truck safety films have better potential to spread the message to the targeted audience.

A Look At Some Of The Famous Classic Films

The American Trucking Industry has played a significant role in the transportation of consumer goods in America since 1930, when the US highways systems came into being. Therefore, the concept of truck safety films is not new. You can find a collection of classic films based on truck safety.

One of them is “Singing Wheels”. This film was made in the 1940s. It shows interesting old trucks, automobiles, and 18 wheelers. This film is loaded with facts about the trucking industry, besides depicting the importance of this industry in the distribution of consumer goods and its impact on the economy of America. It also has an intriguing part on the high taxes on truckers as compared to the other automobiles. The most fascinating feature of this film is the song on trucking that goes like…”go on trucker…keep rolling on….”!

Yet another film, “Knights On The Highway”, is a classic 23-minute film on truck safety made in 1938. This film revolves around six fundamental safety driving techniques, emphasizing on the sixth technique that says “don’t drive when sleepy.”

Then there is this 9-minute film that would invoke a gender issue in today’s times. It is “Transportation: Bus, Truck, & Taxi” released in 1946. It suggests that you have to be a man to get a job in transportation. Hope the ladies are reading this!!

Last but not the least, there is a 10-minute film “You’re Driving 90 Horses” released in the 1940s. This film shows scary results of rash driving such as horrible deaths on the road. It emphasizes safe driving and highlights the three C’s important for the truck drivers. They are “Concentration, Control, and Courtesy.”

A recent film by Millbank Films Ltd is “In Safe Hands”. Truck safety films are a strong hope to make the truck drivers realize that there’s no manliness in reckless driving.

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