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The Sacramento Bee has developed an interactive map that makes it easy to spot trouble areas in Sacramento. Anybody who has every been hit by a driver who then leaves the scene can tell you it is a disturbing experience. You don’t know what happened, you don’t know if you’re hurt, and then you see the person responsible speed away. There is not much you can do to avoid a hit-and-run because you can’t control the actions of the other party, but you can be aware of your surroundings and take extra precautions in these Sacramento hot spots.

The most obvious area of hit-and-run violations is downtown Sacramento. With their one-way streets, pedestrians, and parked cars everywhere, it is little wonder that is one of the most common areas to get hit by someone who won’t stay at the scene.

I love statistics and this map is very cool, but I wonder how many of the “hit-and-runs” involve parked cars being damaged. If you strike a vehicle and the owner is not there. You must try to find the owner first and if that fails, you must leave a note. Never drive off without leaving your information. Hit-and-run is a serious offense and with today’s technology… you will be found.

The site above also gives answers to common hit-and-run questions. I recommend checking it out. Hopefully you will never have to use that knowledge, but you do, at least you have it. Above all, victims and witnesses are encouraged NOT to chase the offender. You don’t want to get into a confrontation. The most important thing is the safety of everyone involved.

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