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Many do not know that nearly one in four vehicles on the road in California have no car insurance. Even though the Department of Motor Vehicles has long required proof of insurance as part of the vehicle registration process One in four are uninsured even though, if involved in an accident or stopped by a highway patrolman, the driver of an uninsured motor vehicle stands to lose driving privileges for one year, pay fines, etc.

It is for this reason, and to adequately protect your family, that I always encourage my clients, family, and friends to purchase as much uninsured motorist car insurance as possible, in case you or your family are involved in a car crash where the other driver has insurance, but not enough insurance (known as an “underinsured motorist”, and all too common due to the legal mandated minimum insurance level in California being only $15,000.00 per person, $30,000.00 per accident).

Taken further, in a multiple-vehicle crash caused by an uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist, if the persons involved do not have uninsured motorist protection on their policy, the value of their injury claims (and perhaps even whether they can pay their doctors bills or heating bills) hangs in the balance based on the amount of insurance coverage that the other drivers purchased to protect themselves.

Protect yourself from those law breakers who drive without car insurance, by buying as much Uninsured Motorist protection as practical for you. One in four cars you see on the road today is likely uninsured.

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