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Recently, my office handled a case where a young high school freshman suffered a concussion which seriously affected his life. A concussion, also called a “mild traumatic brain injury”, results when the soft tissues of the brain are shifted and grind against the hard bones of the skull. Concussions are graded in three clases.

In a grade 1 concussion, the child does no lose consciousness, but may be confused or dazed for 20 minutes.

In a grade 2 concussion, the child does not lose consciousnesst, and is dazed and confused more than 20 minutes.

In a grade 3 concussion, a child loses consciousness for a short time and may not remember what happpened.

A child is at higher risk of a serious concussion if he had some pre-existing conditions known to aggravate a


A child suffereing a concussion in an accident should consult with an experienced brain injury attorney immediately

as the long term consquences to the child can be severe, and these cases cannot be handled competently

by attorneys who do not understand the long standing and severe consequences.

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