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Fire safety in schools is a very necessary corrective to the increasing incidence of fires in schools. According to statistics, 1 in 15 schools suffer a fire accident. An enormous amount of money is wasted from fires caused to schools, which happen most often due to arson. Most arson attacks happen when school is closed, when the risk of damage to property may well be increased, but the likelihood of causing harm to people is lower than if the arson attack happened during school hours.

Avoid Fire Accidents

In these days of high-tech surveillance, there are many ways to deter a potential arsonist. Professionally installed, managed and maintained CCTV systems can monitor points of access or entry and may provide valuable evidence when there is a potential mischief-maker. So, if school hours are extended, there could be an increased risk that buildings are occupied by staff and students when the fire breaks out. This could cause severe damage in case of a fire. Intruder alarms and access control to points could monitor the entry of intruders and report any wrongdoing by them.

It is necessary to be prepared for fires in schools. Certain school associations have brought out pamphlets to assist school board employees in establishing a fire-safety environment in the schools. They detail out that the fire safety plan must be installed, and these must consider special events such as graduation, concerts and school sleep overs and must make plans for evacuation procedures. The possibilities of severe damage in a fire are reduced if the school is prepared to fight any eventuality. The persons suffering any losses, if the fire breaks out, could claim compensation if they with the help of an expert personal injury attorney can prove that the school was lacking in the level of preparedness for the fire.

The methods to douse out the fire, fire detection systems can be integrated into automatic fire suppression systems such as sprinklers, or water mist extinguishing systems. In areas where the fear of water damage would prevent such an option such as in places like computer rooms, gaseous extinguishing systems, could be the alternative. They could flood the area with an array of gases to extinguish the fire. Another necessary measure in ensuring that fires in schools are contained, is to make sure staff is trained on the use portable fire extinguishers, that extinguishers are positioned correctly and that they are maintained to the appropriate standards. The level of preparedness and adherence to the fire safety plan can reduce the extent of damages in case of fire accidents.

Besides arson, there are a number of other school fire-causing factors. These include improper handling and storage of flammable liquids, overloaded electrical outlets and excessive accumulation of rubbish. Many fires result from changing original designs, where classrooms are turned into motor repair shops, spray painting rooms, or other industrial arts instruction areas. Wiring, ventilation and construction are often unsuitable for a new use, having not been considered during the original design and construction of the school.

The role of a personal injury attorney specializing in fire and explosion litigation becomes pronounced to determine the liability in fire accidents and to help in obtaining adequate compensation for the same.

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