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A swimming pool is the recreational zone for your family. But, it can also become an accident-prone zone! Slip and fall injuries around pool decks are not uncommon. So, if you care about your family read this and find out how to make your swimming pool a safe place.

Are Your Ladders Trustworthy?

You can’t have a pool without a ladder. Whether you have an in-ground pool or above-ground one, always make sure that the ladders are in proper condition. They should be secured tightly and have no loose hinges. Never, ever, keep a broken ladder!

• If there is a ladder tread or step that is cracked or broken, fix it at once.
• See to it that your ladders don’t damage the floor or walls of the pool.
• Every year, examine the bumpers and rubber pads. Replace them, if necessary.

Can You Rely On Your Diving Boards?

What is the most dangerous component of your pool? The diving board! It is responsible for more than 50 per cent of pool accidents. So, watch out!

• Make sure that your diving board is secured tight and has no cracks, slick surface, or loose hardware.
• The danger increases when the deck is wet. Anyone can slip on it and injure him or herself.
• Fix proper lighting around your diving board at night.
• Drinking and driving is dangerous. But, “drinking and diving” means placing yourself on dangerous waters as well!! So, make sure nobody dives into the pool in a drunken state.

Have You Tried Swimming Pool Slides?

They are good substitutes to diving boards. They not only look attractive with their alluring designs and colors, but also increase the safety quotient of your pool. Most of the swimming pool slides contain a water connection, which requires a supply line from the filter system or pool return. You can even get smaller slides requiring no water source.

Remember: The critical thing about slide installation is safety. You must install them as per the specifications provided by the manufacturer. There should be no piling on the slide or horseplay.

Does Your Deck Surface Spell Danger?

The commonest slip-and-fall injuries happen due to slippery deck surface. So, make sure that the area around your pool is dry. If there are puddles around the pool, it is the responsibility of the owner to warn the guests about it.

If someone has a slip-and-fall accident, he or she will have to prove the negligence of the owner in letting the puddle around the pool. And if there are tiles on the surface, the injured will have no problem in filing claims of negligence against the pool owner. So, if you own a pool, be careful!

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