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Truck Safety: How To Make Your Highway Star Stay Accident Free

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Truck driving is dangerous. In the United States, every year, about 600 truck drivers die in highway accidents. Truckers get involved in two types of accidents. One is rollovers, when the truck rolls over owing to the impact of a collision or the burden of carrying more load than they are allowed to carry..

The other type of common truck accident is a fuel oil fire, when gallons and gallons of fuel get caught up in fire that burns up everything in the vicinity, including the truck.

There are many truck safety rules that, if followed, can bring down fatalities from truck accidents to a minimum. If you are a trucker, maintain these guidelines and you will be in for a safe voyage.

Guidelines to Driving Safely

Ensure proper maintenance of the truck. Inspect the truck for tire pressure and condition, brake and all other fluids, lights and turn signals, and ensure the cleanliness of windshields and mirrors. Be aware when there are “blind spots” in mirrors, especially when turning and changing lanes. Make sure that the electrical connections of the truck are in good condition and wired and grounded properly.

Make yourself thoroughly familiar with the truck operation and driving characteristics before operating it. A truck driver driving a truck for the first time has to gauge how much room is needed to make a turn or how high the bed of the truck will be raised. The truck driver should carry a valid driver’s license and be trained before hauling loads. It is also necessary to have an in-depth understanding of all the rules for driving a truck.

Be alert while driving a truck. A loaded truck takes longer to stop and get up to highway speed than other vehicles. When cars pull out in front of your truck, slow down, do the same when there are children or old people around. Take frequent safety breaks such as stretching and breathing deeply, and getting out and walking around the vehicle. Don’t drive if you are feeling drowsy, stop and have some coffee or soup instead. Give yourself a

Keep proper following distance from other vehicles on the road. I

Make sure that approaches and bridges are adequate to carry the weight of a loaded truck. Some bridges are not equipped to handle the daily trudge of an overloaded truck bursting at the seams with load, and may collapse from the weight or from old age, so avoid a bridge if it is too old or rickety.

Watch truck safety films to visualize how it is possible to put yourself and others in danger owing to reckless behavior with a truck. Learn all about road safety from films which teach about the perils of unsafe driving and advice on how to stay super safe, like “Singing Wheels”, “Knights on the Highway,” and “In safe Hands.” If you follow the aforementioned rules for truck safety, you can avoid truck accidents .

An experienced trucking accident attorney can help if you are injured because a truck driver did not folow the common sense procedures outlined above.