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Maximizing Your Fun on the Ski Slopes

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When you have been working too hard during the gray winter months or just need a change of scenery, a quick weekend trip to the nearest ski slopes can seem like the perfect antidote for your blues. Unfortunately, far too many of us pack our bags and head out before first stopping to recall how long it’s been since we last skied or how well we did that last time around. Some of us even acquire temporary amnesia so we won’t have to confront the arthritis and other ills that might stop a saner or more conservative adult from even making the trip. If you still decide to go, ask the resort’s ski instructor to recommend the best exercises to prepare you for your upcoming trip.

Regardless of whether you’re an outright daredevil or a skilled skier aching to take a run down a powdery white slope between the most majestic green trees, it would be wise to review the following checklist before even heading out on another ski trip.

  1. Purchase or Rent the Best Equipment If your boots and skis won’t part company after a sudden fall, you’d better think twice about even leaving the ski lodge. Check ahead of time to see if your resort offers special packages including top-grade ski rentals, as well as lodging and food. Also, be sure the resort you’re heading for keeps well-maintained ski lifts.
  1. Lose the Daredevil Within. We’ve all seen young teenagers head out on the ski lifts after a brief or cursory skiing lesson. All too often, they just wind up landing on their derrieres, much to their embarrassment. Speeding down the steepest or most advanced slopes won’t make you any younger – and it could permanently prevent you from ever growing a day older.

  1. Avoid Skiing at Daybreak or Dusk. If you can’t see at least several miles into the distance, go grab another cup of coffee since many of the worst skiing accidents occur when people just can’t see very well.
  1. Dress Warmly and Apply Sunscreen. While there will always be those who think wearing a thick coat, warm hat and sunscreen makes them look childish, make your own decisions. Avoiding frostbite and an unwanted sunburn really is the adult thing to do.

  1. Plan Each Trip Down the Mountain Wisely. Most of us wouldn’t accept a ride in a car with a known drunk driver. Try to avoid making a similar mistake by heading for the slopes with those known for taking major skiing risks. Otherwise, you may wind up being the victim of their carelessness
  1. Make Sure Adequate Safety Patrols and Paramedics Are Readily Available It’s also wise to only ski at a resort or lodge located near a fully-equipped local hospital. If you have to be airlifted to a better facility, the lost time could make or break your chances for a full recovery.
  1. Get Adequate Rest. Far too many injured skiers try to get in “one more run” down the slopes before they leave. Only head out for the slopes when you know your reaction time and eye-hand coordination is at its best.

It’s our hope that all of your ski vacations wind up being both restful and happy events.