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Laura Mackie
Laura Mackie
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Chronic Stress and Memory Loss

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It is a well accepted medical fact that stress is detrimental to one’s health. And just when we have finally accepted the knowledge that we might loose a little sleep or a few strands of hair to stress, a recently published study informs us that chronic stress may lead to memory loss as well. Despite the fact that we can seldom completely escape stressful situations, this latest finding should be a strong motivational factor in seeking a reduction of time spent participating in any activities which might otherwise cause anxiety. Unfortunately for those in the legal profession, filing deadlines, last minute court appearances and client crisis’ make a stress free work place a virtual impossibility.

Despite this fact, if we want to be at the “top of our game” it’s good to keep in mind that too much stress may make our job just that much more difficult. After all, which one of us can afford to give up even a small part of our memory (not to mention our hair).