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What is a Cerebral Contusion?

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A cerebral contusion is categorized as bruise or bleeding of the brain. A contusion may be caused by sudden accceleration which causes the brain to jolt.
This is usually cased by a forceful blow to the head or when the head comes into forceful contact with an unmoving object. Not only can the brain at point of impact be damaged from the forceful blow, but the opposite side of the brain can also be injured as it strikes the opposite side of the skull.

Cerebral contusions frequently result from motor vehicle collisions as the forces of impact often are sufficient to cause the brain to move forward and impact the frontal skull (and, often, then rebound from the frontal skull to the rear skull).

Cerebral contusions unfortunately often result in what is referred to as a “traumatic brain injury” and can result in decreased emotional responsiveness, lost consciousness, memory problems, confusion, nausea, changes in neurological function, and combativeness, among other symptoms.