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Skull fractures and Auto Accidents

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Over one million people are seen by medical doctors every year in the U.S., due to having received a blow to the head. 50,000 to 100,000 of those individuals will have prolonged problems that will affect their ability to function in their daily lives.

Although most people would prefer not to dwell upon the subject, the legal community is well aware that it is not uncommon for fractures of the skull to occur in auto accidents.

Although the skull is tough, resilient, and provides excellent protection for the brain, a severe impact or blow can result in fracture of the skull. A fractured skull generally results in an injury to the brain. Injuries to the brain, whether classified as open or closed injuries; are often life-threatening. Someone with a skull fracture should always be admitted to the hospital for treatment and/or observation.

As recently as October of this year, a well known rapper known as Cassidy suffered a fractured skull in an auto accident. As is the case whenever a celebrity is injured, Cassidy’s injuries have spurred a sudden interest in the dynamics of brain injuries and in particular, skull fractures.