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Novel Drug therapies create new morbidity

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During the recent Fourth INternational Conference on Inflammnatory bowel diseases, an Italian physician, Dr. Eduard Strange stated tha it is not surprising that this treatment [Remicade] is associated with side effects, including severe infections such as tuberculosis, and opportunistic infections including listeriosis, histoplasmosis, and many others (published as case reports or in the large clinical trials). In addition, autoimmune diseases including lupus erythematodes or multiple sclerosis have been observed as sequelae to the medication. Also, lymphomas and various cancers have been found at varying intervals after starting the medication, although a causal relationship is difficult to prove. [bold added]”

He also quoted a study showing the mortality rate to be between 2% and 2.8%. For the vast majority of people, he concluded, the risks of taking remicade outweigh any benefits.