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Wood Abacus by LTD Commodities Recalled

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Preschoolers are in danger when the wooden parts detach from the activity center. Parents and teachers should take the abacus away from their kids immediately. Contact the company to receive a credit.

Many parents and teachers have been buying wooden toys for their kids to replace plastic that may be harmful. Please be aware that wooden toys are not necessarily safer. Wood is biodegradable and will wear out faster. Cleaning it is often more difficult because wet wood can rot. You also have to pay attention to paint hazards. Many wooden toys are recommended for ages three and up only. You should not be giving wooden toys to infants. If you are ever in doubt about what to buy a child, ask the salespeople at the toy store. They know their products and will be able to tell you if others have had problems. Most clerks have their own favorite products or companies.