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John Demas

The Deadly Dangers of Children’s Portable/Inflatable Pool

Far too many small children keep drowning in inflatable pools. We must realize that small children can just as easily drown in inflatable pools as they can in bathtubs or larger pools. One…

John Demas

Safe boating

The saying “a stitch in time saves nine” is more than just a catchy slant rhyme. It is a cautionary admonition to anyone who feels tempted to rush through a task or activity in order…

Laura Mackie

Drunk Driving….the Aftermath

When an individual chooses to mix alcohol consumption and operation of a motor vehicle, the results are often tragic. The repercussions of drunk driving are not measured solely in terms of fines and jail time. All too often, innocent bystanders become the unwitting victims of the alcohol impaired driver. On December 26, 2006, Joanne Dues was sentenced to four years in prison for gross…

Ed Smith

Fair Oaks Couple Die In Plane Crash

A local Fair Oaks couple, Donald and Adeline Dennehey, were killed when their small single engine plane crashed Saturday 15 miles south of Yuba City. The plane was a Zodiac CH 601 and the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating.In airplane crashes there are a multitude of questions a lawyer must immediately consider.Is it possible to figure out the cause of the crash?How should…

Ed Smith

Woman awarded 2 Million for Unattended Stroke

A woman who suffered a brain injury becase she was neglected in a hospital after suffering a stroke was awarded 2 million dollars by an Illinois jury. Even trained professionals, if they are hurried and unaware may miss stroke warning signs that are vitally important to full recovery.

Staff Writer

Sixth Comair Wrongful Death Suit Filed

The family of a woman traveling to Naples, Florida filed a wrongful death lawsuit in federal court this week in Lexington KY. It is the sixth suit filed against Comair after the August 27 crash and alleges that the company failed to provide proper training to the pilots who took off from the wrong runway. The runway was too short to accommodate such an aircraft, and the plane crashed shortly…