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Orman Kimbrough

Truck Safety Films – Teaching Through Lens of the Motion Picture Camera

Why truck safety films? Every year, thousands of accidents take place on the road with trucks. Hence, imparting safety training to the truck drivers is the need of the hour. And just a few lectures on road safety won’t do. They require a heavy dose of road safety rules so that they are more cautious on the road. Films Have More ImpactTruck safety films are the best way to educate truck drivers…

Orman Kimbrough

Truck Safety: How To Make Your Highway Star Stay Accident Free

Truck driving is dangerous. In the United States, every year, about 600 truck drivers die in highway accidents. Truckers get involved in two types of accidents. One is rollovers, when the truck rolls over owing to the impact of a collision or the burden of carrying more load than they are allowed to carry.. The other type of common truck accident is a fuel oil fire, when gallons and gallons of…

Laura Mackie

How about a cup of coffee with that Twinkie?

A Twinkie alert was issued at 2:47 a.m. on December 20, 2006 when 50,000 pounds of Hostess bakery products were dumped on Hwy. 99 just south of Eight Mile Road in Stockton California. The unfortunate “spill” was just one aspect of a traffic accident in which a tractor-trailer overturned after the driver lost control of the big rig and crashed through the highway divider. Debris from the…

Laura Mackie

Lack of Sleep….a factor in Trucking Accidents

According to an article published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine about 5,600 people are killed each year in the U.S. in crashes involving commercial trucks. Many of the crashes happen when the driver falls asleep at the wheel. The article is titled, “Impaired Performance in Commercial Drivers: Role of Sleep Apnea and Short Sleep Duration.”According to a major…

Ed Smith

Man dies in Highway 12 Crash in Fairfield

A 74 year old man, Kenneth Graybeal, was killed Wednesday afternoon when a trailer truck travelling EB on Highway 12 approached the intersection of Beck avenue and struck a Dodge minivan stopping for a red light. Graybeal was a passenger in the minivan and died of blunt force trauma to the head.Many truck accidents result from fatigue. Police are investigiating further the cause of this accident.

Ed Smith

Big Rig-Bus crash closes Power Inn Road

A big rig crashed into the back of an R.T. bus Friday morning, October 20th, sending 3 people in the bus to the hospital.The big rig allegedly slammed into the bus when going thru a yellow light, overturning the bus. The trucker apparently escaped injury. The attached article is an excllent summary of the causes of trucking accidents.

Ed Smith

No excuse not to trim trees around intersection

Government immunity may protect a government entity in its decisions and judgments about putting up signs at an intersection. However, there is no protection if the government entity allows trees or buhes to obstruct those signs so they cannot be readily seen by motorists.In a recent Texas case, Plaintiff was allowed to pursue its claim against the state of Texas where there was a trucking…

Ed Smith

Truck races train—loses badly (Video)

Here’s another video on how not to enter a train crossing. A trucker decides her can beat this oncoming train, but doesn’t realize a line of cars is blocking his path on the other side of the tracks.Many accidents at train crossings are due to the motorists error, however many train crossing accidents are due to negligence on the part of the railroad.