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John Demas

Children and traumatic brain injury

When you throw a stone into the center of a small pond, it creates a beautiful ripple that expands from the center and stretches slowly but surely across the pond. If the stone was large enough,…

John Demas

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Whether the result of a crash, violence, fall, or explosive blast, traumatic brain injury can cause extensive physical and psychological effects. Because the brain controls movement,…

John Demas

Why people affected by brain injuries need a legal representation

To understand why legal representation is necessary for a person affected by brain injuries, it first helps to know what one is. The Brain Injury Association of America describes a traumatic…

John Demas

Many Americans Regularly Battle Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) approximately 1.7 million Americans sustain a traumatic brain injury (TBI) each year. While some of these people may fully…

Chrissie Cole

Can Progesterone Help Traumatic Brain Injury?

Research has suggested that progesterone, a hormone normally found in our bodies, could also be used to protect damaged brain tissue.

In March, scientists will begin a phase III clinical…

Laura Mackie


If you are representing a client who is diagnosed with Fibromyalgia you may encounter stiff resistance from opposing counsel on nearly every issue associated with your client’s claims of pain, suffering and residuals. Why should this be the case? Simply stated, because historically, persons suffering from Fibromyalgia were thought to be imagining their symptoms. The attitude of “it’s all in…

Laura Mackie

Skull fractures and Auto Accidents

Over one million people are seen by medical doctors every year in the U.S., due to having received a blow to the head. 50,000 to 100,000 of those individuals will have prolonged problems that will affect their ability to function in their daily lives. Although most people would prefer not to dwell upon the subject, the legal community is well aware that it is not uncommon for fractures of the…

Ed Smith

"I don't remember anything about my accident."

You are not alone. Many many victims of motor vehicle accidents say the same thing. In fact, a medical diagnosis exists addressing this very problem: “Traumatic Amnesia”. As descirbed, even a relatively “minor” car accident in which the occupant suffers only mild whiplash symptoms, can result in an ‘interruption in the short/long term memory transfer mechanism.” What this means is, that…

Ed Smith

Iraq War Vets with Brain Injuries

We have lost close to 3,000 American Soldiers in Iraq, there have been about 20,000 wounded soldiers and now President Bush decides to cut the budget that had been set aside for traumatic brain injury centers that would treat these soldiers by half. The president has also cut $190 million from the Department of Veterans Affairs budget for 2007, even though it is currently underfunded and the…

Ed Smith

What is a Cerebral Contusion?

A cerebral contusion is categorized as bruise or bleeding of the brain. A contusion may be caused by sudden accceleration which causes the brain to jolt.This is usually cased by a forceful blow to the head or when the head comes into forceful contact with an unmoving object. Not only can the brain at point of impact be damaged from the forceful blow, but the opposite side of the brain can also…