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Laura Mackie
Laura Mackie
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Tragic and avoidable….Death and D.U.I.

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Once again, we are reminded by events in the news that drinking alcoholic beverages and driving an automobile are lethal combinations.

48-year-old Janusz Porembrski died from massive head injuries sustained when the 1999 Mercury Mountain he was driving was struck by an out of control Lexus being driven by Brian Mays (age 21). The accident occurred on I-5 in Sacramento California in the early morning hours of January 16, 2007. Mays was arrested and booked in Sacramento County Jail on charges of gross vehicular manslaughter and D.U.I..

This tragic reoccurring theme is played out on our highways on a daily basis. One life was lost and another irreparably altered by these recent events. Criminal charges, wrongful death lawsuits and immeasurable grief are all bi-products of this type of event, all the more tragic because they could so easily have been avoided.