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Medpay and Health Insurance Coverage in accidents

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Many people in accidents have 2 types of insurance, the Medpay insurance on their auto policy as well as their health insurance at work. My fellow Injuryboard Attorney John Cooper recently wrote a great article on Medpay coverage
that explains that concept well and encourages clients to obtain high medpay limits.

Medpay insurance is very cheap and I always encouarge my clients to elect minimally $10,000 in Medpay coverage.

Occasionally, clients who are in accidents have both Medpay coverage and health insurance coverage thru work. They wonder which coverage they should have the hospital or medical provider bill. This is a really good question but
most times the attorney handling the case can answer it only after reviewing both insurance policies.

Some of the issues a lawyer will review are:

1. What are the Medpay limits and Exclusions?
2. What are the health insurance limits and exclusions?
3. Does the Medpay or Health insurance need to be paid back out of the recovery against the at-Fault Driver?
4. What is the liklihood under California Law that the repayment ammount can be reduced or eliminated.

If you are in an accident and have both Medpay and health insurance coverage, it is important to consult your attorney as to which coverage should be billed very early in your case.

For more information on this subject matter, please refer to the section on Car and Motorcycle Accidents.