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Incidence of Traumatic Brain Injury on the rise

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Many times, as demonstrated by a recent case in this office, people with traumatic brain injuries (also known as concussions) are noted in initial emergency room records to be “Alert”, “oriented” and “”responsive and coherent”. They may have no obvious signs of injury abd CAT scans can be negative. Nonetheless, at varying intervals after their accident, such people encounter
difficulties in resuming their normal lives.

Theie families notice they are acting strangely, their personalities become different and they often struggle to resume their duties at work. Although they look like they are normal, their lives are profoundly changed and affected. Only if they are seen by a competent neuropsychologist can they be properly diagnosed. Thereafter it may take years of treatment before they return to their pre-accident condition.

The incidence of traumatic brain injuries now exceeds 7 Million yearly of which some 500,000 are admitted to the hospital.