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Amber Wheat
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Do you really need a lawyer?

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I may be biased, but, of course, the answer is yes. Even in something simple like a car accident, you need a lawyer. You hire an attorney and that attorney works for you. He or she has your best interest in mind and will fight for you. My boss will tell you all you need to know about insurance companies on our website. And he is right, insurance companies are not your friend. When I was in an accident I got angry when my adjuster wouldn’t listen to me and understand what I was telling her. It was like she was willfully misunderstanding me and using my words against me. While complaining to my grandfather he asked me, “Well, what did you expect?” I told him that they were MY insurance company and I payed them so they should be on MY side. He laughed at me of course and explained, as Mr. Demas does, that insurance companies work for themselves and no one else. The reason you should hire an attorney is simple, you’ll have someone on YOUR side fighting for YOUR rights. Yes there is a fee, but more often than not, you will receive more even after paying attorneys fees than you would if you tried to go it alone. So what is stopping some people from hiring an attorney? What would stop you from hiring an attorney?