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Cow-Car Accidents Raise Concerns for Motorists

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Them outfits are crazy. And those cows are unpredictable,” says Marlin Miller about an accident two weeks ago that killed six of his dairy cows and totaled two vehicles, and any other number of close calls involving traffic on U.S. 89 and his livestock.

The above accident happened in Utah, but collisions between cows and motor vehicles are on the increase everywhere.

Recently, my office settled a serious injury collision between a motorcyclist and a cow for over 1.5 Million Dollars in
a collision that occurred in conservative Merced County.

Liability in these cases often revolves around the question of whether the farmer maintained adequate fencing
as required by California Law. Thorough investigation and retention of experienced livestock and animal husbandry
experts is imperative.

Oftimes, as in the Utah case above. police officers are partial to the farmer and try to shift blame to the motorist.
Negligence on the part of the innocent driver is often wrongly assumed.