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Consumers Evaluate Auto Insurers for Fairness

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In the past, consumers primarily purchased auto insurance by price, looking for the low cost insurer for the amount of auto coverage they desired. Over the past decade, however, car owners have increasingly come to the conclusion, often after bring involved in an accident, that the lowest cost insurer is often not the best one.

Ottimes insurers blantantly ignore the interest of their policyholders who have been involved in an accident

Consumers who have had difficulty are no longer without a voice and several internet sites have recently sprung up where they air their grievances.

Allstate Insurance has a site where many have aired their complaints.

Similarly, Farmers Insurance has its own group of “fans”.
Lawyers representing the injured have known for years of how many insurers make it very difficult for all parties involved in accident to achieve a fair recovery.

Now consumers have the same opportunity to see the inside story of insurer claims BEFORE they purchase insurance.

A google search of the name of the insurance you are thinking of buying along with the terms “complaints”,
“ripoff” or “bad faith” should yield lots of reading material relevant to an informed decision.

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