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Citrus Heights Installed Traffic Cameras in Two Intersections where Fatal Collisions Occurred

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This is how a city is supposed to respond to incidents like this. Let’s face it, people do not always obey the law. It is nearly impossible to think that a government body could prevent collisions from occurring when the people do not act as responsible citizens. When choosing when and where to install expensive safety devices a city has to look at prior incidences, risks to the public, and cost/benefit analysis.

Since a fatal collision because of someone running a red light has happened at both of these intersections, the city is taking proactive action and putting up the cameras. Again, it will not exactly prevent it from occurring again, but if people know they are there and that they might get ticketed, hopefully they will take fewer risks.

When it comes to something like the fence that would have cost $100,000 and may have saved the trucker from being in a vegetative state for the rest of his life (he lost, by the way, I’m bummed), then I focus on the sheer number of people it would protect. Every person who drives on the highway would be protected and every person living or walking near the highway would be protected, do the math, how many cents per person does that fence cost?

I am proud of Citrus Heights for taking their duty to maintain safe roadways seriously. Bravo!