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Accidents and Attitude

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This weekend, I was fortunate to meet an extraodinary young man, Hal Elrod, who was speaking in my local East_West bookstore. Hal aka “Yo Pal Hal” (long story) was involved in a horrendous accident in 1999. At the time of his accident, Hal, at age 20, was one of the top salesmen in the nation for Cutco. After a speaking engagement one night, he was driving home and was hit head on by a drunk driver. Hal was pronounced dead at the scene, yet amazingly came back
and was was revived. He spent a week in a coma and underwent 8 surgeries for his 13 fractured bones.

He was told he would not be able to walk for one year,yet actually wound up taking his first steps 2 weeks after the accident.

Hal recently wrote a book about his experiences called TAKING LIFE HEAD ON which can be purchased through www.amazon.com

His story is an amazing testament to the only power we have after difficult events happen. The power to choose our thoughts and the way we evaluate the event. This is an extraordinary story of someone who really has transformed a breakdown into a breakthrough. I’d highly recommend this book to all seriosuly injured accident survivors.

Hal now has a website and is available for personal coaching and for speaking engagements.