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A Sacramento Lawyer Publishes a Guide to Auto Accidents in California

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I came across this article this morning and thought you should know about it. After being in an automobile accident you can’t be expected to think clearly and do everything that you need to, that’s why hiring an attorney early is a good idea. Attorneys know the law and they know what needs to be done, but at the same time, they are not the ones that have been damaged. Clients often have a lot of questions and we try to answer most of them as best we can, but some aspects of this job are so intricate and subtle that we can’t really explain it well. And of course, when we can’t explain, clients get understandably frustrated.

This book does not hold all the answers; people will still need to hire an attorney. But it may answer some of the more difficult questions client’s have (especially about the insurance companies). If you’ve been in an accident you might want to check it out (after giving us a call of course). :) And it might make a valuable addition to a firm’s library as well so that clients can use it to their benefit (who knows, maybe it will teach us all something new).